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Re: For the record/LORA LOOK

Posted by Paul jr on 4/13/07
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    On 4/12/07, observant wrote:
    > On 4/12/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    >> On 4/12/07, Lora wrote:
    >>> I am NOT and never have run a rescue nor have I ever begged for birds,
    >>> equipment, food or anything to do with birds. On the flip side, I have
    >>> helped people rehome thiers by doing interviews and calling for references
    >>> (never having the bird in my possession), clipping the wings of birds of
    >>> elderly people living in housing. I have donated money, bird food and many
    >>> cages to people in need of them for the sake of their birds. Just yesterday
    >>> I taught someone how to clip her B&G's wings and next week I am going back
    >>> to show her how to do his nails. I gave her pellet food and showed her how
    >>> to make toys all for the happiness of the bird. I told her a lot of things
    >>> she never knew about her bird. That was almost two hours there and two hours
    >>> back.
    >>> Those two bare eyeds were owned by a friend of a friend, I didn't ask for
    >>> them I was offered them, I took them in because they needed a home! All my
    >>> birds are PETS, with the exception of a pair of B&G's (which I purchased at
    >>> fair market value) and the bare eyed male (and he will NEVER be put into
    >>> breeding again)
    >>> Lora
    >> lora,
    >> I dont think your a bad bird person and I understand accidents happen.
    >> I do like messing with you because your always on my case.
    >> and your always done with me hahahaaha
    >> Paul Jr
    > Paul, you WANT Lora to be on your case. She NEVER brings your name up here until
    > you post one of your ugly remarks. Paul, get it through your thick skull, she is
    > sick and tired of you. Let me rephrase that...EVERYONE here is sick and tired of
    > you. Now go back to your own site and write your hypocritical daily message.

    I dont find you very observant, Seek and ye shall find visit the social
    and read the scrolls there ye shall find and one shall then reach there
    conclusion but only then...

    Norstradaumous Jr 2500 AD