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Re: Petsmart

Posted by pet store blues on 5/02/07
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    oh gee another pet store did this did that line.
    LEts see business 101

    1. Businesses are in business to make money
    2. Businesses are in business to stay in business

    What part of that are we not clear on? If your not happy
    their than shop else where. Obvously you have been
    patronizing thier eastablishments or you would not be privy
    to the conditions on the premesis. Really the only way to
    affect places like this is to remove your BUSINESs from
    their BUSINESS.

    On 4/26/07, birdiegirl #1 wrote:
    > Just paid a visit to one of the local Petsmart Stores here
    > in my area (MARYLAND) and decided to buy a lovebird and a
    > cockatiel. While talking to the salesperson, she asked if
    > I wanted to see the other cockatiels in the back to make a
    > choice of which one I might want so I stated sure. Well I
    > followed her to the back and there in a closet that was
    > 4x6 were cages stacked about 4 high and 2 wide. There was
    > a single light bulb in the ceiling but over all with the
    > stacking of the cages it was dull there were cockatiels,
    > finches and parakeets in there. The door was open but how
    > dismal to be shut in the dark without any ventilation any
    > time someone chose to shut the door or all night.
    > I spoke to the store manager about the situation and he
    > stated that it is petsmarts policy to house the birds in
    > the closet!!!! I have sent a complaint to Petsmart and I
    > will no longer purchase any pets or supplies from a place
    > that fails to adequately and humanely treat animals that
    > they make a living off of. It was also obvious that some
    > of the birds were showing signs of illness with bad
    > feathers and discolored pooh. Which I also brought up to
    > the manager about selling sick birds and exposing the rest
    > of the the birds to the sick birds and then selling them
    > to unsuspecting buyers. PETSMART IS NO BETTER THAN
    > PETCO!!!!