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Re: Petsmart

Posted by Birdiegirl #1 on 5/10/07
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    Just another person who wants to try to provoke responses seems
    all to familiar from a couple of years ago. I did my part and I
    could care less how you feel about it I know I am reaching people
    who do care and the few who sit back and don't do nothing but post
    against those who do so be it.

    On 5/02/07, pet store blues wrote:
    > Obviously someone must work at petsmart how else would they stay
    > open. Yeah i think someone must work there for that to happen.
    > that's generally how that works. I however do not work at
    > petsmart.
    > Do you eat meat?? What about caring about that life or is life
    > just important when its just more politically correct?? Or when
    > criticizing what others do?? Do the edible critters not have
    > feelings?? You people are so full of double standards. Point
    > being whining on a chat board doesn't change a damn thing. Ya
    > aren't gonna stop big Business. Period. And ya might want to
    > start with yourself and your own consuption of animals/animal
    > products (own any leather?) before critiquing others.
    > On 5/02/07, OK wrote:
    >> OK!!! and you are WHO??????? Obviously You would think someone
    >> that works at Petsmart LOL
    >> I don't care why they are in business, when it comes to a
    >> LIFE!!! They need to do it more professionally, and caring for
    >> the animals they are trying to SELL!!
    >> And, if you would have read the ladies post, she said she was
    >> removing her business!!!!!!
    >> So, why not leave the sarcasm behind!
    >> On 5/02/07, pet store blues wrote:
    >>> oh gee another pet store did this did that line.
    >>> LEts see business 101
    >>> 1. Businesses are in business to make money
    >>> 2. Businesses are in business to stay in business
    >>> What part of that are we not clear on? If your not happy
    >>> their than shop else where. Obvously you have been
    >>> patronizing thier eastablishments or you would not be privy
    >>> to the conditions on the premesis. Really the only way to
    >>> affect places like this is to remove your BUSINESs from
    >>> their BUSINESS.
    >>> On 4/26/07, birdiegirl #1 wrote:
    >>>> Just paid a visit to one of the local Petsmart Stores here
    >>>> in my area (MARYLAND) and decided to buy a lovebird and a
    >>>> cockatiel. While talking to the salesperson, she asked if
    >>>> I wanted to see the other cockatiels in the back to make a
    >>>> choice of which one I might want so I stated sure. Well I
    >>>> followed her to the back and there in a closet that was
    >>>> 4x6 were cages stacked about 4 high and 2 wide. There was
    >>>> a single light bulb in the ceiling but over all with the
    >>>> stacking of the cages it was dull there were cockatiels,
    >>>> finches and parakeets in there. The door was open but how
    >>>> dismal to be shut in the dark without any ventilation any
    >>>> time someone chose to shut the door or all night.
    >>>> I spoke to the store manager about the situation and he
    >>>> stated that it is petsmarts policy to house the birds in
    >>>> the closet!!!! I have sent a complaint to Petsmart and I
    >>>> will no longer purchase any pets or supplies from a place
    >>>> that fails to adequately and humanely treat animals that
    >>>> they make a living off of. It was also obvious that some
    >>>> of the birds were showing signs of illness with bad
    >>>> feathers and discolored pooh. Which I also brought up to
    >>>> the manager about selling sick birds and exposing the rest
    >>>> of the the birds to the sick birds and then selling them
    >>>> to unsuspecting buyers. PETSMART IS NO BETTER THAN
    >>>> PETCO!!!!