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Re: Stop the madness

Posted by Debby on 5/09/07
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    Hi Toni, nice to meet you as well. I used to be on this board
    all the time, but like alot of the people , I stopped coming and
    only post once in awhile.

    We do have our fighters here though, and the ones that think
    they are better then others, or have to put people down. Yes it
    is a shame, this board used to be a great board. I guess one bad
    apple can spoil a whole bunch after all.

    Again Toni, nice to meet you as well.


    >> Toni, this comment:
    >> Please stop all this nonsense, you all sound very
    >> unstable. It is truly not just one person it is everyone
    >> of you.
    >> Its not true, it is not EVERYONE of us on this board.
    >> However, your post was intelligent, and of course made alot
    >> of sense, unfortunately, posts like that one has been tried
    >> over a dozen times, and to no avail. It just keeps happening
    >> and happening.
    >> There are some good posts on this board, if you can shift
    >> through all the BS.
    >> Debby
    >>> I just logged onto this site to get some info. on birds &
    >>> I cannot believe the childish & wicked comments everyone
    >>> is writing to one another.
    >>> Just courious what age group you all are??
    >>> What a waste of time & energy, it is really sad, You must
    >>> all exhaust yourself. I will go elsewhere, but seriously
    >>> you all must be ashamed of yourselves for the way you
    >>> present yourselves & talk to one another.
    >>> Is it that everyone is hiding behind a computer? Would you
    >>> conduct yourselves like this in person at some occasion?
    >>> Please stop all this nonsense, you all sound very
    >>> unstable. It is truly not just one person it is everyone
    >>> of you.
    >>> You can respond to htis message in the angry & irradical
    >>> way you always respond, but why waste your time & energy.
    >>> All that negativity has got to wear you out & hurt your
    >>> soul. So instead of sending mean comments my way, because
    >>> I donot know any of you, take a look at yourselves & act
    >>> the way human beings should act. With all the tragedy &
    >>> devistation in our world, I must ask, "Where is the love"?
    >>> Please everyone take a step back Take a deep breath & have
    >>> a good day. Thank God for all you have & count your
    >>> blessings. Enjoy your feathered friends & each other & do
    >>> something nice for someone in need. Then pay it forward....
    >>> To everyone, have a great day & let's change this forum
    >>> back to what it should be...a place to meet people & share
    >>> ideas about birds.
    > Debby,
    > Thanks for the response, it is a shame though. Anyhow,
    > very nice to meet you!