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Post: Get a Grip Raffle

Posted by kathy on 6/02/07

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    A store I shop at is having a raffle for the Indonesian
    Parrot Project and the prize is a Get a Grip. Just thought
    I'd share, here is the newsletter that went out.


    BoBo's Playhouse is having a very special raffle this month
    to raise funds for http://www.indonesian-parrot- , an EXTREMELY worthy cause and a cause that I
    carry very close to my heart living in a houseful of birds
    from this region.

    We are pleased to announce that we will be raffling a
    medium-short Get a Grip (or for those w/ smaller birds a
    small) for the month of June. Every $10 worth of product
    purchased (subtotal) will earn you a ticket and chance to
    win the Get-a-Grip. I know many of you may already have a
    Get a Grip but you can always donate it to your parrot
    rescue (we will ship it to any parrot rescue address you
    request within the continental USA or Canada) or put it
    away for the day your birds "kill" the one you have.

    BoBo's Playhouse will in turn donate 10% of final sales to
    the Indonesian Parrot Project. Not merely 10% of profit
    from sales but 10% of the total sales!! BoBo's Playhouse is
    also covering the cost of the GAG and shipping, so if you
    win it costs you NOTHING to get it to your door!

    If you do not plan on purchasing any items this month, I'd
    like to encourage you to PLEASE make a direct donation to
    IPP/PBW. All donations to them are tax deductible and you
    will be helping to keep the wild in the wildlife and out of
    poacher's hands. To read more about the awesome success of
    this project please visit
    action=IndonesianParrotProject (there is a link at the
    bottom of the newsletter to visit their site).

    Please pass on the info to your other bird friends. You
    need not pass on the raffle information if you don't want
    to but I do ask that you pass on the information that the
    IPP/PBW is in need of money and that this is the first
    formal appeal for donations in their 8 year history. They
    obviously handle their finances very well! Don't think to
    yourself that,"I only have $5 to spare" ... because every
    dollar counts when donated directly to IPP/PBW. If we can
    get 1000 people to donate only $1 that's $1000 that this
    project doesn't have, $5 times 1000 people $5000! It adds
    up so easily by everyone just giving a little!!

    Rules of the raffle are posted on the front page of . Good luck and have fun!
    We thank you for your patronage!!
    BoBo's Playhouse, LLC

BoBo's Playhouse

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