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Re: SAFE PAINTS.. which 2 use on cages...

Posted by Dave on 7/10/07
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    On 7/10/07, MJ wrote:
    > Wondering what was a safe paint to use to repaint parrot's
    > cages... is there a safe spray paint available??
    > Any info appreciated !!
    > Thank You !

    There really is no *safe paint*. Most paints that are sold
    can be chipped away or eaten by parrots and spray paint is
    the thinnest. Your best bet is a new cage that's powder
    coated. Many can be seen at EBAY . At their sight, type in
    BIRD CAGES and a large variety will show up. The birds are
    much better price wise than what's available at retail pet
    shops. Better safe than sorry----------Dave