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Re: I am a new Senegal owner and need help

Posted by Tammy on 7/12/07
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    A lot of times when a baby bird comes home they will revert
    back to hand feedings. They are confused like any other bird
    going into a new home. First and foremost, take him to an
    avian certified vet for a complete check up. Then buy some
    weaning formula nd mix it up and feed it from a spoon. Don
    not use a syringe, unless you know how to properly hand feed,
    too many things can go wrong.

    If you got him from a breeder, get in contact with them and
    have them help you.


    On 7/12/07, elizabeth wrote:
    > I am a new Senegal owner. He is doing well as far as
    > eating and stepping up, etc. I have not seen him drink
    > any water, and he has lost 10 grams in two days (brought
    > him home Tuesday evening). He is 13 weeks old. What do I
    > do?
    > Thanks,
    > elizabeth