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Re: Should you breed a mother Scarlet with her son?

Posted by Dave on 7/28/07
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    On 7/28/07, Jo-Ann wrote:
    > On 7/27/07, Yes You Can wrote:
    >> On 7/27/07, To "Yes you Can" wrote:
    >>> Listen,
    >>> You want to get technical go right ahead. However, you know
    >>> darn well that no one should be doing this. Get off your high
    >>> horse and use ethics. I am intelligent enough and ethical
    >>> enough to not breed relatives. Unless you are one of these
    >>> people who enjoy incest. Well there you go..... thats it!
    >>> Why not breed unrelated birds like normal people? Hello!
    >> Getting technical is what it's all about. Ill-informed,
    >> unintelligent, and ignorant people can't begin to understand what
    >> avian breeding is all about.
    >> Ethics has nothing to do with this.
    >> Back Crossing has been done for as long as birds have been bred.
    >> I wouldn't expect someone of your sub-par intellect to understand.
    >> High enough for you?
    > Getting technical would be using invetro (sp) fertilization - using
    > technology to increase the rate of fertilized eggs.
    > "back breeding" is incestuous - technology has nothing to do with
    > it. Just because something has been done for years doesn't make it
    > the right thing to do. Is is unethical and disgusting to force a
    > creature to do something as unnatural as breed with its offspring.
    > Sounds more like a cheap way to increase the number of birds in the
    > aviary.


    No matter what the scientific *true end results* conclude here, I
    want you to know from the bottom of my heart that I'm with you all
    the way.
    It's been said here """"""""Ethics has nothing to do with this"""""
    Ethics is what many people don't have and that's a sad commentary.
    So many times, people look at other forms of life and feel that they
    can use the word *scientific* as a means to an end. Something is
    missing when one individual refers to another as """""" Ill-
    >> unintelligent, and ignorant people can't begin to understand what
    >> avian breeding is all about."" and ethics is thrown into the mix
    Is this how lessons are taught? There are people who are ethical and
    others that are scientists. Believe it or not, there are some people
    out there who have the ability to be both. Is it written somewhere
    that science is more important than ethics or visa versa? And who is
    that original poster who asks and receives the scientific answer to
    a short yet complex question? It's a person who has access to a
    multitude of answers yet instead decides to ask such a question at a
    place that contains strangers who have opinions and who decide to be
    cruel when replying to others.
    Mister scientist, whoever you are, try not to replace a natural
    wonderful trait such as ethics with insults and a demeaning attitude
    in order to state your opinion. If you're lacking in ethics, it's
    time to examine yourself and find out where those ethics are hidden.
    Ethics is what separates us from the savages------Dave