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Re: Should you breed a mother Scarlet with her son?

Posted by Dave on 7/28/07
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    On 7/28/07, Yes You Can wrote:
    > Normally, I wouldn't dignify or respond to comments that come from
    > amateur bird keepers such as yourself.
    > Both Dave and Jo-Ann try to run with the big dogs, but really should
    > sitting on the porch.
    > Have a look around thi ssite and try to enlighten yourself to breeding
    > practices with are ethical, moral and serve a valid and constructive
    > purpose in the avian community.
    > Again I reiterate, just because you don't understand why something is
    > done, please don't dismiss it's probabilities and potential for the
    > positive advancement of avian species.
    > Would I say the average person who frequents Birdmart is qualified to
    > attempt advanced breeding techniques such as this...definitely not.
    > But please remember, there is the occasional aviculturist that drops
    > to answer a legitimate question from someone who might actually be
    > to think outside the box.

    Concerning TO ENLIGHTEN YOU Site

    It doesn't take much expertise to deal with Cockatiels. We're talking
    Macaws here. Try again Professor Einstein-------Dave