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Re: Should you breed a mother Scarlet with her son?

Posted by Yes You Can on 7/28/07
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    On 7/28/07, To Yes you Can wrote:

    > So basically the bottom line is you are an unethical person. There's no
    > doubt breeders do this. I do know what you are talking about and you
    > can find article after article to back you up. Its a process that
    > breeders use mostly to make money. Its all about money. Yes, I'm sure
    > there are those rare cases where the breed may be on the verge of
    > extinction. You can go back and forth all you want. I'm convinced you
    > are of scientific mind without ethics and would do anything for the
    > mighty dollar. You can say you were just giving a "technical" answer to
    > a simple question, but you seem a little defensive about the issue.
    > Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks little of people who do this
    > procedure with birds (or any animal for that matter).

    Please tell me where money was ever mentioned in anything that I said?
    This is NOT about money at all.
    I can only speak for myself and not the original poster when I say this.
    But if you look at the original post, that person never mentioned money.

    I stand firm in my convictions and what information I have offered you.

    To the negative posters, I have to say, you are all living proof that
    stupid can't be fixed.

    Oh, and Dave, floundering and saying that the principals of cockatiel
    breeding do not apply to other larger species is ludicrous. When it comes
    to breeding genetic principals the application is the same from the budgie
    to the Hyacinth macaw.