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Re: Should you breed a mother Scarlet with her son?

Posted by Paula on 7/29/07
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    On 7/26/07, Yes You Can wrote:

    > People criticize what they don't understand. Disregard those
    > that comment without intelligence.

    To YesYouCan:

    I might have taken the time to consider your side had you
    approached the position you've taken with physical proof and
    perhaps written proof with several different species and years
    of your documentation. No one will listen to a banging gong
    that instead of sharing info, shares criticism of anothers
    intelligence, which is immature at best. I'm one who will
    listen attentively, examine, research, consider, ponder if you
    will. Frankly, call me a name, I don't much care. Attempting
    to attack my intelligence doesn't bother me either. I do
    though, care about the birds I've been given to steward over,
    as do you in your way, and others here. If I don't agree with
    you, I certainly don't lack intelligence because I do. We all
    here were asked to give our BEST response (operative word) to
    an individual who needed an answer to a very important
    question. Give both sides and allow the individual to make up
    his or her mind. In the end, we all still have that
    freedom...right? decide for ourselves?