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Re: Should you breed a mother Scarlet with her son?

Posted by by kentucky on 8/02/07
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    On 7/26/07, Yes You Can wrote:
    > On 7/26/07, John wrote:
    >> Just wongering if it would be bad to breed a mother and
    >> son, and if there would be any problems with the babies.
    > Actually John, that would be called back-crossing and it is
    > done for specific reasons. Father to daughter is also done.
    > Providing the father of the son was diverse enough in it's
    > bloodlines, there would be very little chance of a problem.
    > Where the problem would arise is if the offspring from this
    > mother/son pair were bred to another close relative.
    > People criticize what they don't understand. Disregard those
    > that comment without intelligence.