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Re: Scammers

Posted by PaulaB on 7/28/07
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    On 7/28/07, Helpful wrote:
    > On 7/28/07, Paula B wrote:
    >> I can't seem to locate an email addy for the moderator.
    >> Would you contact me please :)..
    > This is Birdmart. It flies by the seat of it's pants.
    > aren't any moderators, but if you start a fight, call
    > a name, you posting will be "error, document not found."
    > the seat of it's pants? No wings eh? No no no on
    the fight. Don't have interest or time with that kind of
    nonsense. Just have some interesting info to pass along.
    Guess we're on our own when it comes to having enough info
    slam a scammer. Thank you helpful, its been a learning