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Re: Looking for Avian Vet in Southern Illinois area

Posted by Jason Leeper on 11/14/12
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    On 8/06/07, Vet info wrote:
    > On 8/05/07, Rick wrote:
    >> Would anyone know of any good avian vets in the Southern
    >> Illinois area near Carbondale, Il.
    >> Any input would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks in
    >> advance.
    >> Rick
    > Give them a call, I think Dr. Sprigg is avian certified. If
    > not maybe they can recommend someone. Good luck.
    > Cross Point Animal Hospital
    > 2601 Hopper Road
    > Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
    > USA
    > North America
    > Contact: Cynthia Sprigg, DVM
    > Phone: 573-334-0070

    Was this DVM avian certified? Just aquired a Blue fronted Amazon
    from some friends who moved to Alaska and I noticed he does not
    have a leg band. I want to get something done so I can properly
    identify him.