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Re: First time Parrot owner looking for love!

Posted by Rick on 8/07/07
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    On 8/07/07, karen wrote:
    > On 8/07/07, Courtney wrote:
    >> Hi. I am interested in getting a parrot for the first
    >> time. I have owned two cockatiels in the past but they
    >> weren't very social or cuddly! I am looking for a cuddly
    >> bird that will fit comfortably in a 2' by 2' by 3' cage. I
    >> have been looking into a Piocephalus but am going to do
    >> more research before I commit to anything. What breeds
    >> would you recommend?? Any information would be
    >> APPREICATED!!!!!
    > My vote would be a nanday or jenday conure!
    > Nandy - a bit loud but cuddly & would love to be on you all
    > day. They love to play with toys & take showers or a bath
    > -Cool water, never hot- they also love to fly!
    > Get it from a good breeder not a store.
    > Look for a young bird that takes to you.
    > Jenday may be a bit less noisy. But I like the nanday.
    > Be sure the cage is good one -no zinc, an old cage can be
    > deadly to a bird!

    As we have Green Cheek Conures, I would say this would be a
    great start as they are very affectionate and not very noisey.
    Jendays, Blue Crown Conures. Dusky conures would be another
    good choice. Good luck in your search.