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Re: First time Parrot owner looking for love!

Posted by Deb on 8/09/07
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    On 8/07/07, Courtney wrote:
    > Hi. I am interested in getting a parrot for the first
    > time. I have owned two cockatiels in the past but they
    > weren't very social or cuddly! I am looking for a cuddly
    > bird that will fit comfortably in a 2' by 2' by 3' cage. I
    > have been looking into a Piocephalus but am going to do
    > more research before I commit to anything. What breeds
    > would you recommend?? Any information would be
    > APPREICATED!!!!!

    Hi Courtney, We have a Senegal and a Jardine's. Both are just
    wonderful. Not too noisey, fun to watch play with their toys,
    very social, and love to cuddle. The Jardine's will lay on
    her back in the bottom of the cage and play with her toys.
    And the Senegal will roll down the front of my shirt, run to
    the end of my lap, and whistle for the dog to come. They are
    really something to have around the house.