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Re: MiTeS/ sorry courtney

Posted by Micky on 8/16/07
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    On 8/16/07, Micky wrote:
    > On 8/16/07, Courtney wrote:
    >> I have recently brought home a my new baby, a 9 week old
    >> cockatiel named Daphne. Ever since I have broughten her
    >> home I have noticed that she is scratching herself...a
    >> lot. She is always preening and using her back foot to
    >> scratch, and she will "dust" herself by flapping her wings
    >> really hard until all of her dander has covered my house!
    >> How can you tell if your birdy has mites?
    > """She is always preening and using her back foot to
    > scratch,"""
    > I don't think you have anything to worry about unless she
    > starts to use her front foot.
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