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Re: Bringing a parrot across the border?

Posted by Sue on 8/29/07
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    On 8/17/07, Jack wrote:
    > Hello, I live in Canada. I was wondering if with the
    > proper paperwork/indentification/heath exams, etc if it is
    > possible to bring a parrot from the United States into
    > Canada.
    > I heard that one could obtain a "pet passport", for
    > temporary visits. But I am wondering if it is at all
    > possible to buy a bird from the United States and bring it
    > into Canada permanantly, and if so what would the
    > procedure be?
    > I am very interested in a species of parrot, that I can
    > not find in my area. It would either be to have it
    > shipped within Canada (I am not too fond of shipping) or
    > there is a breeder who is a reasonable driving distance
    > away across the border.
    > Is it possible to buy the bird in the US and bring it into
    > Canada with the proper paperwork or is it next to
    > impossible.
    > I am sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm thinking its
    > not very possible to do so, but figured I'd ask anyways
    > Thanks.