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Re: Bringing a parrot across the border?

Posted by Sue on 8/29/07
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    On 8/27/07, Jack wrote:
    > No one has any idea at all?
    Hi Jack, It is a big ordeal, you have to go through customs,
    the people shipping the bird have to get all the paper work
    done, then you find out from them when the flight is comming in
    and meet it hoping the weather has not turned cold. Also once
    the birds are here they have to be in 30 day quarantine. If you
    have birds of your own, the quarantine premises have to be else
    where, and within the thirty days you will have to undergo two
    or three visits from the customs department in your area to
    make sure the birds are healthy. If in that time they deem the
    birds sick, you are forced to destroy them, and all your effort
    and money is for nothing. It is a long process that i have
    done, and if you want the bird bad enough it is very doable,
    but a lot of time and worry...Sue