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Re: We need advice

Posted by karen on 8/29/07
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    On 8/29/07, Kate wrote:
    > My husband and I are interested in adopting a parrot? We
    > have dogs (2), no children, rarely travel -- entertain a
    > lot at home and would love to do the right thing by
    > rescuing a parrot and adding it to our family. But, what
    > kind? We were looking at the Cockatoo but My research
    > reveals that this family of larger birds may not be a good
    > decision - we both work - out of the house 8-9 hours a
    > day. But, we dont cage our dogs... so, can anyone
    > provide insights on first time bird owners. I also
    > believe that we should get a pair... after all, theres
    > two of us, two dogs , why not two parrots?
    > Help!

    My vote is for adoption.
    Both of my birds are adopted.
    They both picked me out.
    Go to and see if there is a refuge in your area
    Volunteer for a while & learn about birds.
    I volunteered for 1- years when my TAG picked me.
    I think I remind him of his previous mom who passed away.
    He is my shoulder bird & he thinks I am the best!
    The feeling is mutual!
    Ed is an OWA who was terrified of most people and all men
    but he gave me a chance.
    It took about 6 months to gain his trust & about a year to
    trust my husband.
    The key to adoption is letting the bird pick you out
    Be patient and learn about the birds,
    they are all so different.
    Take your time & good luck
    -remember NO SMOKING in a house with birds