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Re: We need advice

Posted by To Kate on 8/30/07
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    On 8/29/07, Rick wrote:
    > On 8/29/07, Kate wrote:
    >> My husband and I are interested in adopting a parrot? We
    >> have dogs (2), no children, rarely travel -- entertain a
    >> lot at home and would love to do the right thing by
    >> rescuing a parrot and adding it to our family. But, what
    >> kind? We were looking at the Cockatoo but My research
    >> reveals that this family of larger birds may not be a good
    >> decision - we both work - out of the house 8-9 hours a
    >> day. But, we dont cage our dogs... so, can anyone
    >> provide insights on first time bird owners. I also
    >> believe that we should get a pair... after all, theres
    >> two of us, two dogs , why not two parrots?
    >> Help!
    > It's Great that you are wanting to ADOPT a bird, but not
    > sure if a Parrot would be a good choice, as a first time
    > bird owner choice, in birds. Bigger birds are beautiful and
    > very appealing, but also require more attention, more
    > interaction, more stimuli if caged, more toys as they are /
    > can be very destructive, more room in the household (larger
    > cage, playstand, etc.) opposed to the smaller birds such as
    > Conures, Cockatiels, etc.
    > Owning a Cockatoo is a wonderful thing also, but if you're
    > not into cleaning and dusting on a daily basis........lots
    > and lots of DUST, this is not the bird for you. As I own a
    > M2 I can give you first hand advice.
    > Also consider in the noise factor. Do you live fairly close
    > to your neighbors, do you live in an apartment? Some birds
    > can be EXTREMELY NOISEY......Cockatoos especially.
    > As for wanting to get a pair. If you do not want the bird to
    > be a part of your family as a pet, yes, then by all means
    > get it a companion. But if you are looking at getting them
    > to be pets, the birds will bond together and most likely,
    > and I say this loosely, NOT want anything to do with you as
    > they have each other now. I am also speaking from experience
    > on this issue as we have 2 B&G Macaws and are wanting to
    > keep them as pets. When they were together (introduced),
    > they started to bond with each other and started striking
    > and lungeing at us. They are now separated and excellent
    > pets.
    > Some birds do live harmoniuosly with each and their family
    > members as long as you maintain interaction on a daily
    > basis. If not, you will have to separate them into their own
    > cages and then interact with them. Thus, now we have 2 cages
    > and 2 playstands to contend with.
    > Birds are not like comparison. They have
    > totally different demeanors and temperaments.
    > Best advice I can give.........keep researching different
    > species and as you are doing, keep asking questions and then
    > decide what type of bird would best be suited for your
    > household and your needs.
    > I'm sure others will be along and offer more much needed
    > advice to help you. Good Luck!
    Hi Kate,
    I think you should start off with a cockatiel or a lovebird.
    Just one though. They will not take to you as much as a
    partner if they had one. Both are extremely loving animals.
    However the lovebirds are very noisy. Cockatiels need more of
    your attention while lovebirds are more independant.
    Cockatiels make awesome first time pets. I'm partial to male
    cockatiels. I have a 2 1/2 yr old male that talks and whistles.