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Re: We need advice

Posted by Elle Mott on 9/06/07
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    Hello Karen,
    If you are definately thinking about adding a parrot
    to your family do research on the type of parrot you are
    interested in. I would recommend a small green cheek conure/
    or a blue crown conure as a first parrot. They are fun and
    playful and not as destructive as the larger parrots.
    Cockatoos are wonderful and loving but also very destructive.
    They love wood bookcases, kitchen cabinets etc. Think
    about the power of the beck! If a bird has a beck they can
    and will use it at some point.
    Also, a healthy cockatoo has a dust-which does cause allergies
    in alot of people. Another point! you will be getting to
    dust your house over and over again! Brooms and dust pans
    become an extension of your arm. Also, are you in a living
    situations that you can wake up to a early morning ear
    percing scream! Twice a day or more! This alone is a fact
    that sends more cockatoo from one home to another.
    The last thing I noticed was leaving your parrot out of the
    cage with dogs! Definate no! your parrot will likely end
    up being food for the dogs.
    Please research your decision. Parrots on average only
    stay in a home for 2-5 years.
    Elle Mott
    Parrot Education Project.
    NW, Georgia
    Hope that helps
    We have owned our parrots for 18 years before establishing
    the rescue.

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