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Re: How do I NOT get scammed by breeder?

Posted by Lucille on 9/13/07
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    There is always risk, but to decrease risk, you can:

    Deal out of state perhaps, but never out of country
    Check references
    Send money via credit card or paypal, methods that leave a
    trail and can in cases of fraud allow the opportunity for a
    chargeback. Never send western union or money orders, just
    don't do it. If your seller insists, walk away from the

    On 9/03/07, TEZ wrote:
    > I have sent a deposit on an Amazon Parrot from a breeder
    > out of my state. They have a very nice web site with lots
    > of information, "glowing" references and have been sending
    > weekly updates and very nice e-mails.
    > I do NOT have a bad feeling about the breeder, but it is
    > alot of money. They do require the balance due and the
    > amount for shipping it by air before the bird is shipped.
    > This is fully understandable, BUT how do I guarantee that
    > I will receive the bird I purchase, or any bird at all?