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Re: rock pebbler or alexandrine parakeets

Posted by Wendy on 9/12/07
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    Hello Terry,
    I have a 1yr old Alexandrine called Alex. He was hand-
    reared and is really lovely. Pretty even tempered, but gets
    grumpy and can "growl" and bite when he's in a mood.
    Beautiful bird, is green with blue and red on the wings.
    His tail is quite long, so you need a larger cage as he
    likes to climb and play. Chews anything he can get his beak
    Alex loves to talk and learns very quickly, although it took
    him a few months to say his first word and then it just
    flowed from there. He loves chatting and whistling, but
    doesn't 'scream' like other parrots, but loves to mimic the
    hairdryer and makes a high pitched sound that makes us laugh

    What else would you like to know?

    Regards, Wendy

    On 9/05/07, terry wrote:
    > Does anyone own any these birds. If so can you tell me
    > them. Sex, age, nature, noise level, talking ability and
    > clarity, etc.. Didn't know which specific board to post.
    > Thanks