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Re: Health question

Posted by Rick on 9/09/07
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    On 9/09/07, Cindy wrote:
    > Yesterday I took my B & G macaw to the vet. He was
    > toweled and had his beak trimmed. I stopped the session
    > when he became red in the face and was panting heavily.
    > Today his cheeks are still red, and he's not his
    > usual "bubbly" self. Is he just mad at me, or should I be
    > worried? Thanks for any advice.

    Cindy, I think the best answer you can get is from your Vet.
    We had our B&G's beak done about a month ago and he was fine
    right after, but he is a big baby and nothing really upsets
    Yours may be pouting as well. Has he had his beak done
    before, and what was his reaction then?
    If in doubt, call your vet. Best option of all.