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Re: Health question

Posted by Glenda on 9/10/07
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    On 9/10/07, Cindy wrote:
    > Thanks, Rick. Gotta get a new vet, tho. I no longer trust
    > them to care for her appropriately. Has your macaw ever had
    > red cheeks for 2 days?
    > n 9/09/07, Rick wrote:
    >> On 9/09/07, Cindy wrote:
    >>> Yesterday I took my B & G macaw to the vet. He was
    >>> toweled and had his beak trimmed. I stopped the session
    >>> when he became red in the face and was panting heavily.
    >>> Today his cheeks are still red, and he's not his
    >>> usual "bubbly" self. Is he just mad at me, or should I be
    >>> worried? Thanks for any advice.
    >> Cindy, I think the best answer you can get is from your Vet.
    >> We had our B&G's beak done about a month ago and he was fine
    >> right after, but he is a big baby and nothing really upsets
    >> him.
    >> Yours may be pouting as well. Has he had his beak done
    >> before, and what was his reaction then?
    >> If in doubt, call your vet. Best option of all.


    B&G Macaws have a tendency to blush (cheeks turn red or pink)
    when excited or mad. This is normal. But if the face looks more
    like a rash that could have happened from the aggressive
    toweling you described. If she is not acting normal or if the
    face is still irritated now I would definitely recommend you
    seek another vets opinion.