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Re: Alex died

Posted by Mickie on 9/11/07
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    On 9/11/07, Marilyn wrote:
    > I heard today that Alex, the African Gray from the
    > University of Arizona (I think that's right) passed away.
    > I feel like I lost a friend. His human co-workers found
    > him dead in his cage on Thursday but didn't let word out
    > until today so they would have time to grieve. Over 30
    > years, Alex taught his researchers (and friends) much of
    > what's known about avian brain and thought potential. I
    > haven't written on a parrot chat board for years even
    > though I have two Amazon parrots I love dearly. I will
    > miss knowing Alex is around and wanted to share that with
    > people who might miss him too.

    Devastating, it was because of Alex that I got My African
    Grey. I, too feel like I lost a friend. I can imagine how
    hard this is for his collegues. He carried out his mission
    well. I will miss reading about him.