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Re: Alex died

Posted by ljhassell on 9/15/07
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    "It's devastating to lose an individual you've worked with pretty
    much every day for 30 years," Pepperberg told The Boston
    Globe. "Someone was working with him eight to 12 hours every day
    of his life."

    Poor bird
    everyone knows that stress and ect, usually diet we feed them
    shortens their lives- but to work 8-12 hours everyday- well I know
    I work from sun up to sun set, but that my choosing.

    On 9/14/07, To Rick wrote:
    > On 9/14/07, AJS wrote:
    >> On 9/13/07, RickAnal wrote:
    >>> Dr. Pepperberg did some awesome work, but it was at Alex's
    >>> expense. Alex was never a colleague but an involuntary
    >>> laboratory subject who was relentless tested and probe for
    >>> over 30 years.
    >> I agree. I saw many of the 'shows' on Alex and always felt
    >> that the bird was being pushed too far, too often, for too
    >> long. For Alex, death was a blessing. So sad.
    > I also agree with Rick. Poor Alex and shame on Dr.Pepper.