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Re: Make Love not War

Posted by Ha! Ha! on 10/03/07
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    Can't you plainly see that the motto of this site is - make war, not
    love? And take no live captives either? That's how new comers or
    people with positive opinions are greeted & treated. It's been this
    way for years & looks like it's never going to change. So don't
    bother wasting your time or breath, it's not worty it! The so called
    regulars here have a toe hold & apparently aren't willing to budge or
    change. Too bas as this use to be a very informative website for bird
    owners & breeders. Now is just full of crappy posts that are of
    benefit to no one. Esp. our feathered friends!

    On 10/02/07, Lover's Package wrote:
    > PEACE