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Re: Support for what Michelle is brave enough to do!

Posted by Thanks on 9/21/07
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    On 9/20/07, ljhassell wrote:
    > Will you take me home with you?
    > I can't promise I'll be good
    > No one has taught me how to act
    > Or behave as a parrot "should".
    > My first owner didn't treat me right
    > He said that I was "bad"
    > He never forgave me that first bite
    > After that, he was always mad.
    > He shoved me back into my cage
    > And so I started to scream
    > Then he hit me in a rage
    > And my life became a bad dream
    > So now I scream and yes, I bite
    > I'm angry and misunderstood
    > But please please take me home with you
    > Love me and I'll be good
    > Please let me come home with you
    > And spend some time with me
    > I can be sweet again I know
    > Take me home, you'll see
    > My next owner swore at me
    > I learned to say things back
    > So now my words are crude and rude
    > Please cut me some slack
    > If you let me come home with you
    > I'll learn some nicer speech
    > If you are kind and give me time
    > I'll change my vulgar screech
    > I'm really just a baby
    > And so misunderstood
    > Please let me come home with you
    > I can learn to be good.
    > My next owner just HAD to have me
    > She thought I was "way cool"
    > But now she doesn't have time for me
    > She's busy with boys and school.
    > That's why I began to pluck
    > I'm not pretty any more
    > I won't be much of an ornament
    > If that's what you're looking for.
    > I may never grow new feathers
    > My chest may always be bare
    > But my soul I know could heal itself
    > If only someone would care.
    > My last owner died and left me
    > She said that she'd made plans
    > But she never followed through on them
    > And I've fallen into bad hands
    > Please overlook my failings
    > Please end this pain and strife
    > Please please take me home with you
    > I'll be your friend for life.
    > Please take me home and treat me right
    > And let our friendship grow
    > Please let me come home with you
    > This time it will work, I know
    > Take this simple oath before you buy or adopt a bird:
    > 1. I promise to research thoroughly the species that I am
    > interested in.
    > 2. I promise to be kind and gentle and never to strike my
    > bird for any
    > reason.
    > 3. I promise to learn about the health of my bird and to
    > get medical
    > attention should the need arise. I will make every effort
    > to find a good
    > recommended avian specialist and to have his or her number
    > handy
    > in case of emergency.
    > 4. I promise to devote the time each day that is needed to
    > keep my
    > bird happy.
    > 5. I promise to take the time to prepare the proper diet
    > required for
    > my bird and to take great care in keeping its food
    > containers and cage
    > superclean.
    > 6. I promise to house this bird in as large a flight or
    > cage as my wallet
    > and space will afford - and not to buy a bird until I can
    > afford to supply
    > proper housing.
    > 7. I promise to take the commitment of owning this bird
    > seriously and
    > to think hard about any changes that might be imminent in
    > my lifestyle
    > that would put me in the position of having to give up
    > this bird (marriage,
    > travel, pregnancy, etc.).
    > Michelle- I have thought on this, You are to be comended
    > on what you are doing and having done rehab and fixed what
    > people have done to Parrots, Please dont give up- keep
    > doing what you are meant to do- thats helping those that
    > cant help themselves. More of us Bird- lovers need to step
    > in and help instead of critisize(sp) So please from me,
    > except my public appology and I applaud you for your
    > selflessness, if more of us would do the same, the world
    > would sure as hell be a better place. My husband and I
    > have forked out 42,000.00 since we started buying birds in
    > need, dont listen to internet crap! :)))

    Thanks very much. That means a lot to me:)
    I tried to respond to you last evening, but it didn't go
    thru, so I am trying again:)
    I swear I would have never posted the ad had I known it'd
    cause so much chaos, however I am glad I did because, a lady
    contacted me she lives very far away from anything, and no
    sanctuary's near her, she came across me and now she has a
    home for her baby........ So depsite all that has been said
    and posted here, something good always comes out the bad:)
    I know people are going to say what they want, and so,
    let'em. I know who I am, I know what i do, and sp do people
    that TRULY know me.
    Anyways, thanks again, you are much bigger perso nthan most
    here who have posted:) Godbless