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Re: Support for what Michelle is brave enough to do!

Posted by oh really on 9/21/07
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    On 9/21/07, Thanks wrote:

    > Thanks very much. That means a lot to me:)
    > I tried to respond to you last evening, but it didn't go
    > thru, so I am trying again:)
    > I swear I would have never posted the ad had I known it'd
    > cause so much chaos, however I am glad I did because, a lady
    > contacted me she lives very far away from anything, and no
    > sanctuary's near her, she came across me and now she has a
    > home for her baby........ So depsite all that has been said
    > and posted here, something good always comes out the bad:)
    > I know people are going to say what they want, and so,
    > let'em. I know who I am, I know what i do, and sp do people
    > that TRULY know me.
    > Anyways, thanks again, you are much bigger perso nthan most
    > here who have posted:) Godbless

    Michelle this is the internet. You can post whatever you like.
    If you want to say that 20 people contacted you we would still
    have no way to prove it. Don't you see? People are tired of
    you and your ill-gotten 15 minutes of fame.