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Re: Support for what Michelle is brave enough to do!

Posted by yea oh really on 9/22/07
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    On 9/21/07, oh really wrote:
    > On 9/21/07, Thanks wrote:
    >> Thanks very much. That means a lot to me:)
    >> I tried to respond to you last evening, but it didn't go
    >> thru, so I am trying again:)
    >> I swear I would have never posted the ad had I known it'd
    >> cause so much chaos, however I am glad I did because, a lady
    >> contacted me she lives very far away from anything, and no
    >> sanctuary's near her, she came across me and now she has a
    >> home for her baby........ So depsite all that has been said
    >> and posted here, something good always comes out the bad:)
    >> I know people are going to say what they want, and so,
    >> let'em. I know who I am, I know what i do, and sp do people
    >> that TRULY know me.
    >> Anyways, thanks again, you are much bigger perso nthan most
    >> here who have posted:) Godbless
    > Michelle this is the internet. You can post whatever you like.
    > If you want to say that 20 people contacted you we would still
    > have no way to prove it. Don't you see? People are tired of
    > you and your ill-gotten 15 minutes of fame.

    LOL, still babling i see, you do it soooooooooo well!!
    AND, obviously you are not tired, or you would NOT still be
    reading this and responding........LOL
    AND, I do NOT have to prove anything to YOU, nothing at all,so
    go finish your cake!! The people I deal with has proof, and that
    is ALL that matters, you don't, you're nothing to me!!