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Post: Someone is Using the Found Ads for trash

Posted by Gail Wittman on 10/26/07

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    I have been looking for my lost cockatiel since May and
    come here everyday to the found ads to look for her. For
    the last week or so, there is someone posting Trash posts.
    I have submitted a post telling them it isn't the place for
    their posts and asked them to be empathetic to those of us
    out there looking for our lost pets. Today there were two
    more Trash posts. Who handles the submitting of posts? Is
    there anyone who can delete these posts that obviously have
    nothing to do with found pets. On one post it says
    something about Britney Spears being p***yless.....yes that
    is the trash they are posting there. These people are
    using almost and entire page already for their junk.

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