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Re: Heater in Bird room

Posted by A Bird Mom on 11/08/07
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    I'm not a fan of ceramic type heaters, but I have been using
    the oil filled electric heaters ( they look like a mimi steam
    radiator on wheels ) for years & they are great! They are
    easily moved around when needed & they have several heat
    settings that are easy to use & learn what setting is best for
    your bird room. They don't use a lot of electricy either. They
    don't give off any odor like many other heaters do. And the
    cost are qite reasonably too. So this is the route I feel will
    work best for you.

    A Bird Mom

    On 11/08/07, Rose wrote:
    > On 11/06/07, Sarah wrote:
    >> Wondering if a ceramic floor heater would be okay to put
    > in
    >> my bird room now that it is getting colder. Thanks for any
    >> information.
    > I have used a ceramic heater for years in my bird room, but
    > you have to make sure it doesn't have any teflon in it from
    > the manufacturer. Some of the newer ones might have teflon.