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Posted by A Bird Mom on 11/09/07
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    I have an Amazon parrot & also needed a safe form of
    transporting him when visiting relatives over the holidays.
    What I settled on was a smaller bird cage ( like Wal-Mart
    sells ) that would fit in my car ( front or back seat ) that
    I could secure with the seat-belt. The cage already had a
    perch & food/ water containers with it, as well as a base
    that I could assemble & sit the cage on when I arrived at my
    destination. I covered the cage with a large towel ( back &
    sides ) & used another to cover the front ( when needed ). I
    also used a large glass jar ( wrapped with a hand towel &
    secured with a couple of rubber bands ) which I filled with
    hot water ( basically a hot water bottle ) that I set in the
    bottom of the cage to help keep my bird warm during the
    winter months ( when I had to make a pit stop & couldn't
    leave the car/heater running ).

    I did try a carrier that Drs. Foster & Smith sell ( or sold
    a few years ago ) that is round & suppose to fit in any type
    of vehicle, but my bird HATED IT! A total waste of well over
    $100.00 + shipping & handeling. Not to mention that the
    special perch, water/food containers & cover where all sold
    seperately running the cost up to the $200.00 mark. So
    definately don't waste your money on something that you &
    your bird will not be happy using for this trip & any future
    trips ( to the vet, etc. ) Hope this helps!

    A Bird Mom

    On 11/09/07, SBIRD wrote:
    > HELLO, I have a Yellow Nape Amazon and am moving cross
    > county. Can't fit the bird cage in the car, so I thought I
    > would get a dog grate with a perch or two and some
    > feed/water cups and transport in that. It is about a three
    > or four day trip, anybody have any better or alternative
    > suggestions.
    > Thank you