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Posted by karen on 11/20/07
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    On 11/20/07, SHELBY wrote:
    > can anyone please tell me where i can purchase a senegal
    > parrot or some information about an african grey? i'm
    > trying to purchase a bird for christmas for my dad! please
    > help

    Hi Shelby

    You are so sweet!
    Purchasing a pet, especially a bird is a job for the whole
    family. A large cage must be purchased, the location of the
    cage must be considered, toys, proper food, etc. If this is
    a first bird the entire family must educate themselves on
    proper care, needs and training of the bird.
    Are you sure you dad wants to care for a bird for the next
    30+ years? If so your dad should be involved in choosing
    his beloved pet. All birds have different personalities and
    you want to be certain your dad and his forever pet will
    like each other. Please let you dad know and let him be
    part of such an important addition to your family. He will
    love you all the more for your consideration and respect for
    his wishes and the future welfare of his baby bird.
    God Bless & good luck