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Re: wild caught bands

Posted by Matt B on 11/24/07
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    On 11/24/07, Paul wrote:
    > I recently rescued a pair of millitary macaws from a bad
    > situation where they were being kept in a phone
    > they could not even spread their wings.My question is,is
    > that they have bands on them that are silver and ronded in
    > shape,are these wild/import bands? they are pretty worn,so
    > realy hard to read.

    You need to look at the band and see if it's round with no
    cut on it. If there is no cut on it, that means that the
    birds were banded before they were 2 to 3 weeks old. If
    there is a cut on the band, that means that the band could
    have been put on the birds at any time. There really isn't
    any band that will tell you if they're
    wild/imported/domestic, only that they were banded by som