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Re: Help Needed. Shipping a young bird for the first time!!!

Posted by everywhere on 12/05/07
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    PLEASE be serious about shipping, get a carrier and ship
    correctly! for birds saftey and airlines, Delta is by far
    the best and cares very well for birds while shipping. Be
    patient, ask questions and be calm.Yes insure there is
    always risk of death, accident ect..... If not then get in
    the car drive 1/2 way to met or dont sell birds.

    On 11/30/07, LP wrote:
    > I am shipping a parrotlet from Madison WI to Savannah GA.
    > I called Delta Dash and was frustrated with the operator
    > who was obviously in India. I could not make out a lot of
    > what she said.
    > What do I need to do as far as building a box?
    > I was going to build a very small one out of
    > wood,cardboard and hardware cloth. Or would cardboard be
    > suffcient if heavily constructed.
    > The buyer was also wondering about insurance. I doubt
    > there is insurance...or am I wrong.
    > Does Delta Dash operate on other airlines? The operator
    > gave me that impression but was unintelligible.
    > The cost for a small box would be approx 95 dollars.
    > Does anyone include a little hot pack (the kind they make
    > for outdoor activities) in their shipping container?
    > Thank you in advance!
    > LP