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Re: Help Needed. Shipping a young bird for the first time!!!

Posted by Elke on 2/03/08
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    OAirline aproved Boxes have to be made out of sturdy
    Plywood,with a wire mesh window for ventilation,it has to
    have a Perch,soft nesting alot of food and water,the
    waterdish has to have a noneslip bottom,the cost with the
    carrieris 125.00 for delta or150.00 for continental

    n 11/30/07, LP wrote:
    > I am shipping a parrotlet from Madison WI to Savannah GA.
    > I called Delta Dash and was frustrated with the operator
    > who was obviously in India. I could not make out a lot of
    > what she said.
    > What do I need to do as far as building a box?
    > I was going to build a very small one out of
    > wood,cardboard and hardware cloth. Or would cardboard be
    > suffcient if heavily constructed.
    > The buyer was also wondering about insurance. I doubt
    > there is insurance...or am I wrong.
    > Does Delta Dash operate on other airlines? The operator
    > gave me that impression but was unintelligible.
    > The cost for a small box would be approx 95 dollars.
    > Does anyone include a little hot pack (the kind they make
    > for outdoor activities) in their shipping container?
    > Thank you in advance!
    > LP