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Re: Can no one help me built cages??

Posted by Laury Weitzel on 12/26/07
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    The kind of wire depends on what kind of birds. When I
    started breeding Solomon Island Eclectus, I went to the local
    farmers Co-op and ordered 1" X 1" "hard" galvinized wire. I
    keep the birds for over 12 years with no proplems at
    all. "Hog rings" stainless and a good pair of Diamond
    cutters will also be necessary. Hope that helps. If the
    birds you will be caging are eclectus sized and tempered you
    will be fine.

    On 12/13/07, sheree wrote:
    > I wrote the other day about building cages and no one has
    > replied. Does anyone know what kind of wire can be used to
    > build bird cages? I understand that there is some wires
    > out there that are harmful to birds.