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Re: How To Clean Bird Poop Off Fabric

Posted by Matt B on 1/15/08
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    On 1/14/08, Allen Foster wrote:
    > I have a 2 year old Quaker and I never got his wings
    > clipped. Therefore, he has some free reign of the house
    > to some degree and getting his wings clipped at this point
    > would be cruel. I need help getting Quaker poop off of my
    > lamp shades. I've tried Oxiclean but that didn't seem to
    > help. Any suggestions????

    Most parrot poop has a substance in it that acts like a
    bleach or whitener. If the droppings aren't immediately
    removed, that bleaching action will occur and then it's too
    late to get it out. Probably, a light area will remain on
    your shade. This often happens with birds that poop on
    clothes. It needs to be wiped off and warm water needs to be
    rubbed into the area. That also applies to items such as
    your shade