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Re: Pros and Cons of Parrot Litter?

Posted by bob on 1/22/08
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    i don't think litter is a good idea at all personally. just
    a place for bacteria to hang out (moistness from bird
    droppings, foods, flinging water, etc). if you dont have or
    grate, or the grate is not high enough above the tray birds
    can ingest it it can become impacted in the crop and/or
    cause some nastiness in there from the bacteria.

    plus, since it absorbes all the urine from your bird's
    droppings pretty much contact... it doesn't give you a
    chance to properly moniter your birds droppings. either you
    never see the urine and/or the poop is so dried up by the
    time you get home that any traces of (example) blood/change
    of color may not be apparant or the poop gets burried when
    the bird flaps around and moves the litter. paper is the
    best for monitering droppings... even when dry it gives you
    an idea of the shape/size/color, etc (too much urine.. to
    little feces).

    organic ones are the worst for moulding (corn cob, walnut),
    the compressed wood makes far too much dust especially when
    it gets moist (which it probably will), and sands and the
    like are just as dangerous for impaction and hard to clean.
    if you ABSOLUTELY HAD to go with litter, i would choose the
    compressed newspaper (enviro- scoops/yesterdays news) it
    does expand when wet though, but does not make much dust.

    i would change it every day though, max every two days if i
    was too tired one day. cause it does not take long for
    bacteria/mould to start growing especially when its hot out
    and parrot has flung some food down there. changing litter
    is a big job if you have a large parrot.

    all in all, i believe litter is just a risky buisiness and
    too expensive to change every single day. if you don't like
    the look of news paper, you can buy some untreated craft
    paper for the cage bottom, or paper towels to give a more
    uniform look.