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Re: Pros and Cons of Parrot Litter?

Posted by karen on 1/22/08
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    On 1/22/08, bob wrote:
    > i don't think litter is a good idea at all personally. just
    > a place for bacteria to hang out (moistness from bird
    > droppings, foods, flinging water, etc). if you dont have or
    > grate, or the grate is not high enough above the tray birds

    Nice post bob!
    A refuge I like uses large rolls of waxed white butcher paper.
    Easy to change as they cut many and keep extras under the cage.
    With 1 large white sheet to pull they can tell how much the
    bird is eating, pooping and what food it rejets. A terry
    towel is used to wipe thing down & if the bird took a bath the
    butcher paper does not absorb & the water can just be dumped
    into a bucket. This refuge normaly has 50+ birds inside &
    must be careful of dust!
    Thanks for reminding people DUST,MOLD & Bacteria is a Big Deal!