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Re: Banding

Posted by Elke on 2/19/08
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    On 2/18/08, Matty wrote:
    Thank you

    > On 2/18/08, Elke wrote:
    >> On 2/17/08, Matty wrote:
    >> Thank you Matty
    >> If i do that in 10 Days will the Mom ecept the Baby back in?Or
    >> will they try to bite it off?
    >>> On 2/17/08, Elke wrote:
    >>>> Can anyone in here tell me how old the Parrotlet Babys
    >>> have
    >>>> to be to be Bandet
    >>> Has to be done within 10 days while toes are still bendable
    >>> backwards. This is the same for all parrots
    > I doubt it. It's a usual procedure for private breeders to band
    > the chicks that're for sale although some don't. There's no law
    > that says a breeder has to do a banding. Breeders usually band
    > every bird in the clutch but it has to be done while the toes
    > are pliable so that a certain 2 of them can be aimed backwards
    > so that the band slips right on. Understand that once the band
    > is on, it's permanent unless a person wants it taken off at a
    > later date. If so, that person would have to go to a vet to have
    > it done cause they're the ones that have the special clippers to
    > remove it.