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Post: posts. i am in agreement for a monitor for threads.

Posted by geoffrey on 4/06/08

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    i just read lisa's post and then bob's post.
    i contacted her (lisa) and she tells me she longer wants to
    have anything to do with the bird community.
    from the conversation (a new bird owner and had dogs all
    their lives in her family) it is up to us experienced bird
    people to tell novices about fraud, et. al. why in the world
    that another human being with any brain cells or emotion
    would call another stupid or crazy because of ignorance is
    no excuse.
    not everyone i teach in my class still has not fully
    understood the new curriculum no matter easy i make the it
    every semester. obviously bob is a know-it-all and i can
    never imagine calling my students names and speaking down to
    them. this is a tragedy and should be treated as such.
    familiarity for one may be not familiar for another. we are
    supposed to teach each other. isn't this just 1 of the
    reasons of why we have boards, chats, discussions, etc.? i
    would be in disgust as well if it was me.

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