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Re: Does your bird say it's name??

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 4/09/08
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    On 4/09/08, Pongo's Mom wrote:
    > I own 6 birds and they all talk but none of them say their
    > names is this usual?? I have one African Grey, 1 Blue
    > Crown Conure, 1 White eyed Conure, and 3 Tiels and even
    > Tiels Talk and yes I say their names all the time but not
    > one of them say their name I wanted to know if this was
    > common. Thanks

    My African Grey Rudy says his name. Blue Front Amazon Peppy
    says his name, Sun Conure Meeko says his name. Scarlet Macaw
    & Blue & Gold Macaws do not say their names. But, they are
    both very young, & just starting to talk good.