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Re: Does your bird say it's name??

Posted by petparrots on 4/11/08
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    On 4/09/08, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    > On 4/09/08, Pongo's Mom wrote:
    >> I own 6 birds and they all talk but none of them say their
    >> names is this usual?? I have one African Grey, 1 Blue
    >> Crown Conure, 1 White eyed Conure, and 3 Tiels and even
    > the
    >> Tiels Talk and yes I say their names all the time but not
    >> one of them say their name I wanted to know if this was
    >> common. Thanks
    > My African Grey Rudy says his name. Blue Front Amazon Peppy
    > says his name, Sun Conure Meeko says his name. Scarlet Macaw
    > & Blue & Gold Macaws do not say their names. But, they are
    > both very young, & just starting to talk good.

    We have 10 birds 2 Blue & Golds one says his name, and alot
    Scarlet says his name and ALOT more
    Greenwing doesnt say her name but talks alot
    2 CAG's say their names and talk the most
    Tag doesnt say name yet- still baby, but talks
    2Rosebreasted Too's say their names and alot more
    Goffin Too says her name and repeats everything she is told.

    Ive learned that if the name is hard to say- or certain letter
    sounds they never pick up. Like Gypsy or Frasier for our
    macaws, but the CAG's say everyones names regardless.

    Id suggest just keep repeating the more animated you are the
    more they get interested, tip that head and soak up the sound
    waves. Keep talking to them.

    Everyday while feeding our Cag's like to sneak out food bowl
    door and get some extra attention, well our oldest one is use
    to hearing, " look out Charlie, watch it" cause his feet would
    get pinched. He belted out "Look out Grandma Look out" we
    taught him to greet every family member and he does, when they
    leave the bird room.