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Re: Does your bird say it's name??

Posted by Mike on 4/15/08
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    On 4/14/08, Simons mom wrote:
    > On 4/12/08, Pamela wrote:
    >> Your Yellow Nape and male DYH say their names. Our female DYH does
    > not.
    > My male cockatiel says his name. I have so far counted 25 words he
    > says. He will say "hi simon, hello pretty simon, hi buddy, big boy
    > simon, come here simon" he adds the simon to the phrase, not us lol

    I have 9 birds; a B&G macaw, 2 cockatoos, 4 conures, and a budgie.
    All of them can talk to some degree, except the budgie, but no one
    says their own name. My Blue-crowned conure; however, says everyone
    elses name and my daughters name.