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Re: Black spots on feathers

Posted by Rose on 4/17/08
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    On 4/17/08, Andrea wrote:
    > Hello all, I have a question. I am the proud mama of a 17-
    > year old male green-cheeked conure. Back in December I
    > noticed some black spots and feather breakage developing
    > on his right wing. I've been basically taking him to the
    > vet every other week since December, and his condition is
    > not improving. He was tested twice for mites and lice,
    > which he is negative for (they treated him anyway), he's
    > already gone through a run of antibiotics, and now the
    > condition is spreading to his other wing.
    > I doubt it's beak and feather disease since he NEVER comes
    > into contact with other birds or animals (he's unfriendly
    > to anyone and anything other than myself). His eating,
    > playing and sleeping habits remain the same, so I'm at a
    > loss. I did some digging on the Internet, and the symptom
    > description of a saprophytic fungal infection sounds
    > pretty close, but I'm still not sure. Anybody have any
    > experience with this? Any advice would be greatly
    > appreciated. Thanks.

    This sounds weird. Have you posted on the Conure site? (See
    left hand side here.) Also, are you taking your bird to an
    avian vet? If you are, and still have no answers, I would try
    to get him to the closest university veterinarian school.
    Have you tried Benebac or yogurt? This are commonly used for
    fungus, especially during a course or antibiotics. Sorry I
    can't be more help.