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Post: Re: Yellow Nape Amazon for Sale

Posted by Donna on 6/24/08

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    Last Sunday, the animal control where I live posted on
    Craigslist that they had an amazon whose owner had died. I
    wasn't sure I wanted an amazon but hated the thought of
    him there after losing his person.
    I called & was told the adoption fee was $50 including his
    cage. On Monday they faxed me an application and I filled
    it out and faxed it back. I was told I was #2 on the list.
    On Wednesday we went to visit the amazon and spend some
    time with him. I was told then suddenly I was #6 on the
    list and to call Saturday. I called & the 1st person had
    taken him. They didn't require any references, any prior
    experience or knowledge.
    Today, the amazon was posted on a site for sale for $600.
    I email and asked why she had adopted him if she didn't
    want him and I believed that was against the rules.
    Here is the wonderful email I got back:
    You're an idiot! Go ahead and report me you dumbass! I'm
    not selling the bird. I'm asking for reimbursment for the
    bigger cage I put him in (which by the way cost me $300.
    and that was used! ) plus toys that I purchased and the
    food and treats I bought! Get a hobby you low life!!

    I plan to take the ad that I printed out to animal control
    tomorrow and raise h**l. What kind of way is that to run a
    rescue shelter? I was told they basically adopted to the
    1st person interested.
    I'm so mad I could just scream. This beautiful bird
    deserves better than to be passed from place to place
    especially after losing his person.

    Don't buy this bird and reward this person trying to make
    a profit off this poor bird.

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